All About Successful Network Marketing Domain Names

Network Marketing Domain Names

Network Marketing Domain Names

Successful network marketers own several network marketing domain names. They know that it’s their virtual pieces of real estate on the internet. Many domain names are worth thousands of dollars and some have sold for over one million dollars.

Today people have made entire businesses out of buying, selling and trading network marketing domain names.  They have become valuable assets. I’m not suggesting that you get into the domain name business. I’m suggested that you purchase your own.

I believe that everyone should own a few domains. Owning your own domain gives you credibility and the ability to host your own websites along with custom emails and more.  Everyone knows you’re the new person on the internet when you have a replicated site address that’s followed by a series of numbers or code.

What Are Good Network Marketing Domain Names?

I’m often asked what a good network marketing domain name would be? Well, that depends on what your going to use it for. First, try to choose a domain name that’s unique and memorable, relevant to your business or organization and reflects your style. Is your own name available?

I believe in branding myself first and you should too! The company that you work with is doing their own branding and you need to do yours. You can work together to promote each other. Purchase your own name and if not available try buying a domain with your name in it.  Here are three examples of network marketing domain names that I’ve purchased.

Are Your Network Marketing Domain Names Available?

If you have a common name chances are it’s already taken. You can  search here to find out if your name is available. After you purchase your domain names  I would purchase your own hosting too or forward the new domain name to your Blog. Blog simply means Web Log. However, for the online network marketer a Blog can be so much more.

Your Blog can be your central business hub that keeps your team updated on events, trainings, contest, incentive trips, rank advancements, sales tools, internet techniques, opportunity calls, webinars,video’s and more.  You can even monetize your blog. Make money with it.

Your Network Marketing Domain Names Can be Valuable Assets!

Remember that a catchy domain name can be a valuable asset and that .COM commands more respect than .net .info .us and so on.  If you think of a cool name for a business, book, movie, program,website or anything else that your working on purchase it before someone else does. Once a domain is sold it can only be bought from the owner. I hope that it’s you. You should consider getting network marketing domain names for your children before someone else with the same name does.

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