SISEL International Distributors

Why They’re Enjoying Massive Success!

SISEL Distributors

SISEL Distributors

Perhaps the reason you’ve stopped by is that you keep hearing about SISEL and want to learn more. You may have already done some research and your looking for a Leader and Top Team To Join. You’ve definitely found the right place!

There’s a tremendous amount of excitement about SISEL International and SISEL Kaffe. The SISEL Distributors have a lot to be excited about in that SISEL was built with them in mind from day one. That’s right!

SISEL International Founder Tom Mower built SISEL with One Hundred Million Dollars of his own money before the first SISEL Partner kit or product was sold. This has never been done before and it’s not likely that this will ever happen again.

SISEL is not a One in a Million Opportunity. SISEL is actually a Once In A lifetime Opportunity and that’s why people who join tend to make SISEL their FINAL MLM HOME!

The Five Pillars Of

 Successful MLM Companies!

SISEL International Distributor Success!

SISEL International Distributor Success!

There’s a lot of factors that go into a the making a of a successful networking marketing company and these five pillars may assist you in making better choices when choosing an MLM Company to build with.

After all, the number one reason that a person joins a network marketing company is that a family member, friend or co-worker asks them to join.

Lets examine the Five Pillars for what you should be looking for.

Experience – Track Record – History

SISEL International Experience

SISEL International Experience

Take a look at most MLM Companies and you’ll realize that they are run on shoe string budgets and often they get their start up money from the distributor kits they sell during pre-launches.

Most of these Companies are only debt free because they don’t have the collateral to get loans. Only One in Ten Thousand Network Marketing Companies every make it into profit. They are difficult to check out because the owners have no track record and very little experience.

Most people would not join new companies provided they knew the truth.

What’s Special about SISEL International and Staff?

SISEL International and Founder Tom Mower have a track record that is known worldwide. Tom Mower built Neways in the 1980’s to the Fifth Largest MLM in the world.

Today Founder Tom Mower is building SISEL International and SISEL Kaffe to Fourteen Billion in sales which will make SISEL number one and you have the Opportunity to be part of Network Marketing History.

Tom has already assisted in creating over one thousand MLM Millionaires. Are You Next?

 Product Segment – Market

SISEL International Products

SISEL International Products

Between SISEL International and SISEL Kaffe our SISEL Distributors have amazing product advantages.

We are in the number one and number two categories of all time for SISEL International Products. Number one is the weight-loss sector of Health and Wellness and number two is Coffee.

These products have earned the most money for the companies and the distributors that represent them.

Sisel does not have “Me Too” Products! “Me Too” products are products that most other MLM Companies have and the are often manufactured in the same facility as their MLM Competitors.

SISEL International wanted to create health, wealth, and happiness for SISEL’s Distributors and Consumers throughout the world, by providing life-giving products and success-oriented opportunities.

The Mower Family Realized that the only way to make vastly superior products was to Control the Manufacturing process End To End.

SISEL Manufacturing – Control – End To End


Facility Tour By Founder Tom Mower

Money – Return – Compensation

SISEL International Compensation Plan

SISEL International Compensation Plan

There’s all kinds of compensation plans in MLM land today. What you need to be concerned with is the Pay Plans that have stood the test of time. You don’t want to put all the front end effort into building an MLM and then it all come crashing down.

The Uni-level Compensation plan is widely considered Worldwide to be the most fair type of pay for the network marketing companies and the distributors that represent them.

SISEL International and SISEL Kaffe both have a Dynamically Compresses Uni-level and the SISEL Distributors love the Plan!

I know that most companies in Internet land claim to have the highest paying pay plans. THEY DO NOT!

SISEL International’s is actually the highest and most fair of all Health and wellness companies because the founder made it to be that way.

Think about it! SISEL owns it’s own debt free MLM Manufacturing Facility and saves nearly Four hundred Percent (400%) on traditional manufacturing costs. That allows SISEL to create vastly Superior products and pay the SISEL Distributors more money.

It’s that simple! Watch The Video Here!

Financially Stable – Debt Free SISEL

The One Hundred And Fifty Million Dollar Advantage!

The One Hundred And Fifty Million Dollar Advantage!

Thank you reading this post about SISEL International Distributors and Why They’re Enjoying Massive Success!

By Now You Know that SISEL STARTED OUT MASSIVE! Not like most companies that start out small and hope to grow.

SISEL’S continued growth is explosive and SISEL has all the resources, innovation, experience and momentum that you’d expect from Billionaire and Founder Tom Mower to take SISEL and YOU to number one in the world.

I’m not one to hide behind the computer and that’s why I’ve included my phone number.

Let’s discuss the possibilities of YOU becoming a SISEL International distributor. You’ll know you’re working with a real person who’s sincere about helping you get the success you deserve.


“Continue The Journey And Your Success Is Assured!”

~ Jeffrey Kistner ~

To Your Network Marketing Success!

Jeffrey Kistner 

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

(321) 205 – 7865

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