QNET Scam Review | QNET Company Scam Or Successful MLM?

QNET Scam Review

QNET Scam Review

QNET, previously QuestNet, is a network marketing company that was established in 1998. QNET is based out of  Hong Kong and has more than 25 offices in other countries throughout Asia, India, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. QNET has an ambitious localisation strategy for the future. QNET is selling many products in several categories that include nutrition, personal care, home care, fashion accessories and collectibles. QNET also has an e-commerce platform to assist it’s independent representatives.

QNET Company Opportunity

QNET Company Opportunity is not scam. QNET has been in business approximately 14 years and QNET has a goal vision to be the global eCommerce leader within the network marketing profession. They want to leverage their position to be the most powerful influence  in the development of professional network marketing careers throughout the world.

My QNET scam review research has found the QNET Company to conduct themselves in their network marketing company with the utmost of integrity. I believe that QNET Company treats others with honesty and respect.

QNET Company Products

QNET Review

QNET Review

QNET company has merged direct sales and network marketing together with a very diverse range of  products. QNET products include but are not limited to luxury jewellery, watches, collectible coins and medallions. They sales model is still evolving with numismatics as its current sales model. QNET also have categories including nutrition, personal care, home care, fashion accessories.

My honest opinion is that a network marketing company should become experts in some product category. Nutrition and numismatic coins are very different to say the least. That being said it does not mean that you shouldn’t join the QNET Company. I’m did this QNET scam review so that you could make an informed decision about your future with QNET Company.

QNET Company Compensation Plan

QNET has a  binary compensation plan that gives independent representatives the opportunity to earn retail profits, commissions on downline sales, and several bonuses. I agree that you can earn money from all compensation plans. However, I’ve noticed that some binary compensation plans tend to get a lot of people excited because they can often times see a lot of team growth.

Unfortunately this does not always mean that you’ll have the compensation you may feel you’ve earned in proportion to the size of your team. To earn massive amounts of money with most companies you’ll need to sponsor a lot of representatives. Most people under estimate the amount of  people they’ll need to sponsor to earn a full time income.

  QNET Company Scam Review Conclusion



The QNET Company is not a scam and you may have the potential to earn money. It’s not going to be easy if your new. People always point to the representatives in the QNET company who make a good amount of money and it’s true that  QNET Company has representatives that are earning money.

However, they are usually the distributors that have been involved in network marketing long enough to learn the necessary skills to sponsor new representatives and build successful organizations. Many of these distributors have large networks of people to draw from. I want you to know that you can STOP THE PAIN and move towards Pleasure.

There is no reason to continue doing the same routine over and over and expecting things to change for the better. Let’s face it! What you’re doing now to grow your Network Marketing Business with the QNET Company is working or it’s not! If NOT? You can start doing the exact same thing that the best QNET distributors have done and that’s market the right way!

By Marketing Your QNET Business The Right Way you can stop chasing the people that you care about the most. There’s no reason to chase family and friends to build QNET!

I’ve used this exact system for several years now right from the comfort of my home and you can too! Yes, this system will work for any business including QNET. This system is perfect for the beginner and seasoned professional alike. It’s your life! What will you make of it?

Learn to get all the QNET traffic, leads and recruits you want. Isn’t time for you to fight for your financial future? Isn’t that one of the reasons that you’ve joined or our considering QNET Company?

Get excited because its Your Time Right Now!

Fight for your financial freedom! You’ll be glad you did!

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