What Is Network Marketing? | Why Network Marketing?

What Is Network Marketing?

What Is Network Marketing?

What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing companies have always been controversial to say the least. Many people love network marketing as much as I do and then you have the haters with the majority of people somewhere in the middle.

The reason that there is such a tremendous amount of controversy is that the people who have tried network marketing have a wide variety of personal experiences ranging from average and ordinary people earning over a million dollars a month while others have lost everything.

People have blamed network marketing for losing their home, marriage, car, 401K, family, friends and more. I’ll discuss what I call integrity network marketing and what to look out for so that you don’t find yourself on the losing side.

Network marketing is my chosen profession and that’s why I’d like to continue to answer the question: “What is network marketing?”  I’m also going to explain “why network marketing”?  and what the network marketing companies want with you.

Network Marketing By Definition!

Network marketing is interchangeable with multi-level marketing because network marketing and multi-level marketing are the same. Network marketing is the type of distribution system and multi-level marketing describes the type of compensation plan.

Network marketing and multi-level are also know as referral marketing, word of mouth marketing and relationship marketing. Imagine that! I will be using all these interchangeable terms through out this post to bring that point home.

Network Marketing Is Simply…

Network marketing is simply word of mouth marketing and we all do it! We’ve all recommended movies, restaurants, stores, vacations and more to friends, family and coworkers. These businesses have all made money from our word of mouth recommendations.

Did you know that your recommendations can be worth thousands of dollars and perhaps millions over time?

People just like you and I are learning that if they put forth the same effort they do everyday at their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) into the right network marketing company then it’s possible to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous with out being chased by the paparazzi.

Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?

Please continue to read on and you’ll discover why network marketing is for you and if you’re a network marketing and have not reached the level of success you desire you may be inspired.

The network marketing profession doesn’t care if your a Man or Women, Green or Purple, Tall or Short, Fat or Thin, Genius or Prince/Princess not so bright. The network marketing profession is looking for people with the burning desire to serve others and fight for the ability to never have to make decisions based on the lack time and money.

Network marketing can be done part time or full time. However, you’ll never build a residual income with no time. Don’t be a secret agent. Most network marketers are secret agents. They don’t tell anyone about their network marketing career. Later they QUIT and tell others that network marketing failed them. No! They didn’t fail! They quit.

Network Marketing Wants You!

The reason network marketing wants you is that you’re one of the best sales people on the planet and they know it! They know that if they can get you to follow the exact system that the network marketers followed before you then your success will become their success.

Many traditional companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products and if the marketing campaign fails then millions of dollars are lost for ever. Bye, Bye so sad.

The reason why they’d rather pay you and your team is that they’ll only have to pay for results. Their millions of dollars are not a risk any more. It’s not so weird anymore is it? Just make  recommendations to people the same way you’ve done your entire life and you can have a yummy piece of the pie.

Do You Want Network Marketing?

Have you ever been asked to join a network marketing company? Be happy that some one is thinking about you because it’s an business opportunity that may change your life for the better.

There’s no reason to be offended or feel weird about it. Remember that all successful companies must recruit to grow their organization.

Even if you all ready live in the house of your dreams and drive the car you want you’re still a statistic that says you have debt and that means that money is working against you 24/7.

Perhaps you are already wealthy?

Perhaps you are already wealthy? You still may like to pursue the network marketing profession because you’re not giving all that you’d like to family, friends and charities in the form of money and time. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the money you could ever want and the time to spend it?

The network marketing profession may be a career worth looking into or taking a little more serious. After all thousands and maybe millions of potential dollars just for you are at stake.

Integrity Network Marketing!

Integrity network marketing is telling the truth when ask about your network marketing business, expectations. and time frames to fame within the network marketing community. Many network marketers want to change their life so much that they are Sacrificing Integrity for temporary growth.

It’s easy to exaggerate and make false promises that appeal to a persons desires. Unfortunately to many network marketing companies are mixing lies with the truth.  Many are just lying. Do you know something else that mixes lies with the truth?

Beware of network marketing companies that market with false hopes, dreams and exaggerated claims. The network marketing company claims often state that you never have to talk to people, advertise, recruit, sell, buy, or do much of anything and yet you”ll still make thousands of dollars within your first 30, 60 and 90 days.That would be FALSE!

The Huge Problem That Network Marketers Face!

Network Marketing Leads!

Network Marketing Leads!

The biggest problem network marketers have is getting more qualified network marketing leads to take a serious look at their network marketing company.

Network marketers don’t know exactly where to begin.

I’d like to show you how to get paid to gather qualified free leads even if they never join your network marketing company.

You’ll be able to earn multiple checks each month. This is the exact training platform that I use.

Watch this Free Lead Gathering Network Marketing Presentation. Check it out Now!

Take Massive Action And Your Success Is Certain!

What’s next?

Take Massive Action And Your Success Is Certain!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

~Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich ~

Attraction Marketing System

To Your Network Marketing Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

(321) 205 – 7865

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MLM Success Tips | Network Marketing Lead Generation!

MLM Success Tips | Network Marketing Lead Generation!

Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network Marketing Lead Generation

If you’re  here because your looking for the best Network Marketing lead generation available you’ve definitely found the right place. I’m writing this post for people who are struggling with MLM lead generation.

They know that if they could just generate enough leads for their Network business they could build a huge organization and be financially free. Be sure to watch the video that I’ve included.

It will certainly assist you with successful MLM lead generation. I simple believe that you”ll retain more by watching and listening then just skimming the surface.

Successful Network Marketing lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation

There are several ways to generate Network Marketing leads on and offline. You can can generate leads online through social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest and hundreds more. You can also go blogging and make videos like I love to do too.

Blogging and Video are two of my favorites because of the many advantages including doing the work once and getting a steady stream of  leads for life. But which lead generation techniques are really best for you?

I’ve taught for years that you should become proficient in approximately 10 different ways, great at three and a master at one. So good at that one way that no one can generate more leads than you. Watch the video for my martial arts explanation of this.

Jeffrey’s Martial Arts Explanation


MLM Lead Generation Systems

MLM Lead Generation System

MLM Lead Generation System

I teach network, affiliate and internet marketing. I know that if you emulate what other successful marketers have done to produce high quality network marketing leads that you’ll have similar results.

You won’t have the same results because we all have different levels of skills, techniques and experience when is comes to sponsoring more representatives into our network marketing business.

However, you can out preform the competition if your willing to do a little more work. I’m always working on improving so that It becomes more easy. Until then I simple emulate marketers who have the results that I want and put forth a little extra effort.

My personal record is 26 new representatives in a month and believe or not that same month I sponsored 9 in a single day. The reason that a network marketing lead generation system is important is not just to have more leads.

It’s also to develop that talent that you’ve sponsored. We all must continue to develop necessary skills. We all need to have a professional system to plug people into that works! With out a system to develop people you’re going to see an unusually high rate of attrition. You may have experienced this already?

 Getting Started With Lead Generation

Network Marketing Leads

Network Marketing Leads

MLM lead generation is simple. But it’s not easy. Above I mentioned that you could use several Social Media sites, Blogging and video. I’m sure you’ve heard that you must create a list too! But, what exactly does all that mean and how do you do get started.

I’m going to recommend the best resource to get your network marketing Lead Generation training off to a fast start.

You may think this is a lot of information. It’s not! This is just the beginning of a journey and I hope you’ll develop a passion for the network marketing profession and realize that many life changing products would never have reached the market place with out the network marketing professionals who share the knowledge.

Most network marketers grossly underestimate the number of lead they’ll need to generate to earn $100,000.00 or more yearly. The truth is that you’ll need to generate around 50 leads a day, everyday! That’s 18,000 a year.

Are you starting to understand why so many people quit? They don’t have a system in place for MLM Lead Generation. Dreaming and wishing is simple not going to work.

“If you have dreams and goals without plans to achieve them you’re nothing more then a wisher and your chances of getting your wishes granted are about the same as finding a magical lamp containing a genie on the beach.” ~~ Jeffrey Kistner ~~

 Network Marketing Lead Generation Training

MLSP-Mastery Level

MLSP-Mastery Level

Consider a test drive with MyLeadSystemPRO today! It’s simply the best network marketing lead generation training available. It’s a cutting-edge MLM training platform engineered by the most successful entrepreneurs using network marketing training online today!

I’ve been using this educational platform since 2009 and it’s provided me with all the necessary tools, resources, websites, and ongoing training required to build successful and profitable network marketing businesses on and offline.

Upon  joining you’ll begin to learn how to sponsor more people into your network marketing business the right way and effortlessly.

You’ll also learn the psychology behind sponsoring. This exact educational platform has been purchased in more than one hundred countries because it works!

Lead Generation With Out Fear

One of biggest challenges that network marketers face is allowing fear to stop them from moving froward.  Don’t let fear of failure stop you from achieving your dreams.

You can never ever fail provided that you don’t quit. What would it be worth not driving to and from work during rush hour while breathing vehicle exhaust fumes from overly crowded roads?

What would it be worth to work from the comfort of your home? What if you didn’t have to ask for time off to attend precious moments in life? Moments like weddings, anniversaries and children’s after school events and even birthdays.

The right online MLM lead generation may be all that’s between you and your fears.

Take Massive Action!

Take Massive Action!

Think about this… Most people can’t place a dollar value on precious moments spent with family and friends and that’s the reason they’re priceless. What would it be worth if you never had to return to your J.O.B. again? Priceless?

What would it be worth to have all the money you could ever want and the time to enjoy it? Priceless? Remember for everything in life that’s priceless there’s MLM lead generation online.

Leads are the life blood of your business and without enough MLM leads you’ll always have  a J.O.B. Conquer your Fear and Fight for your financial freedom by taking massive action and Your Success Is Certain!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” -Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich



Are you looking for an Online Opportunity?


To Your Online Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

(321) 205 – 7865

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