Boresha | Boresha Review | Boresha Coffee | Skinny Coffee Miracle Or Just Another Flavor?

Boresha | Boresha Review | Boresha Coffee

Boresha | Boresha Review | Boresha Coffee

You might be here because you’re trying to get the skinny on Boresha Coffee and it’s amazing claims of losing fat simple by enjoying coffee and tea.

Then again, you might be here because you’re considering network marketing with Boresha and you need to know before you join if there’s any truth behind the huge incomes simple for introducing people to Boresha coffee and tea.

You’ve certainly found the right place. Let’s begin with the Boresha Company.

Boresha Company

Boresha is a health and wellness company that is certainly poised for growth. Right now Boresha is growing at a tremendous pace because it’s knocking down the door of opportunity with three global gigantic trends. Boresha has merged three mufti-billion dollar industries in a brilliant way.

The coffee industry, health and wellness industry and network marketing. Boresha International provides individuals with a nearly unbelievable business model that caters to the second most highly-traded commodity on earth, “coffee”! Coffee is the largest consumed beverage next to water. Worldwide servings of coffee per day exceed one billion cups.

The Health and Wellness Industry is destined to soon become the next trillion dollar marketplace; and the 110 billion dollars a year network marketing industry is currently engaging over 55 million people globally.

The network marketing profession has grown faster than any other profession over the last two decades. More than 15,000 people join each day around the world. Let’s move Boresha leadership. Show me who your following and I’ll show you where you’re going.

Boresha Leadership

George Najjar

Founder, President and CEO of Boresha International, Inc. George brings a high level of discipline, commitment, and professionalism to his vision of setting new standards of excellence and creating an exceptional business model that will greatly enhance people’s quality of life.

Len Di Giovanni

Co-Founder and VP of Operations – Business Development

Len brings thirty years of successfully directing multi-faceted business units, with a unique blend of skills and a proven record of helping his clients achieve results. A results-driven leader, Len is passionate about creating an organization and environment which allows people to succeed and grow, while remaining focused on the end result being revenue and intrapersonal improvement.

Jeff Krushell

Boresha Scientific Advisory Board

Jeff Krushell is Director of Sports Science, Sports Physiology Department for Boresha International; President of Human Sports Performance; and International Director of Strength & Conditioning for Major League Baseball (MLB).

Boresha Innovative and Proven Products

Boresha Products

Boresha Products

BORESHA B-SKINNY™ COFFEE is the first and only coffee drink designed by Glycemic Index Researchers and the reason hat this is important is that this coffee has bee proven to cause fat storage in people.

No one wants to energize their body and increase the ability to store fat at the same time.

The best way to fix coffee so that it does not stimulate fat-storage is to incorporate the Glycemic Index, Brain – Glycemic Indexing, and Buffered Caffeine, into the equation. 

Designed by Glycemic Index Researchers, B-Skinny Latte™ was formulated to provide natural energy without the downside of High Glycemic sugars or creamers. Boresha® International B-Skinny Latte™ can be enjoyed either hot or iced. 

I really enjoyed watching as they changed their lives so quickly. I just love it when people follow through and win. I’ve found it much easier to follow through and win then to do nothing about current circumstances.

The past does not equal the future. It is your future! What will you make of it?

Boresha has some very unique products with a tremendous amount of scientific proof and clinical research. The Boresha products have been proven to be effective and safe. Here are a few more Boresha products to glance at before we move to compensation.

B-Skinny Shots™ – Brew a perfect cup of thermogenic, fat-burning coffee every time with Boresha’s B-Skinny Shots. No more measuring, messes or wasteful leftovers. Just brew, enjoy, and burn fat! With the same rich, full flavor and proprietary thermogenic (fat-burning) formula as our signature B-Skinny coffee, B-Skinny Shots also offer the convenience of single-serve brewing. Being healthy has never been easier!

CodeBreaker™  – a caffeine-free, lemonade-flavored nutritional supplement designed to support your body’s natural production of nitric oxide, a molecule which boosts energy, bolsters immunity, and promotes both circulatory and vascular health.

ARG Matrix™ – Enhance your overall health with Boresha’s ARG Matrix™. Designed to capture all the benefits of L-Arginine, an essential amino acid that stimulates the production of Growth Hormone (GH) which supports your body’s natural healing process, Boresha’s ARG Matrix™ is available in both men’s and women’s formula.

Boresha Compensation Plan

Boresha International’s Pay Plan has been developed to combine the strengths of three global mega industries: Network Marketing, Health and Wellness, and the Coffee industry, thus creating an imaginative, innovative, and powerful compensation plan. It has been designed with the everyday individual in mind: the stay-at-home mom, the sales person, the mechanic, the accountant, and the business builder.
You earn income by sharing the products and your personal results. Boresha teaches you step-by-step how to establish your business, enabling you to build true residual income.
The Boresha Pay Plan provides you with man ways to earn income and empower you to build a business to achieve your life’s dreams!
Boresha is in part a Binary Compensation Plan.
I’m not a Fan of Binary Compensation Plans and you can CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHY!


  • Personal Sales Commissions


  • Fast Cash Bonus
  • Coding Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Matching Bonus


  • Executive Rewards
  • Residential Equity Program
  • Rank Advancement Program
  • Ambassador Bonus Pool

Boresha Company Opportunity

Boresha Opportunity

Boresha Opportunity

The Boresha Company negative rumors usually come from MLM marketing consultants who quit the multi-level marketing business because they didn’t know exactly what to do after their warm market was burnt out and they didn’t have the past experience to select an MLM correctly. The Boresha Company Rumors are Misleading.

The primary reason that people join an MLM including Boresha is that they’re asked to join. Is that the main reason you’ve joined or you’re considering joining Boresha?

Congratulations to you for doing some research on the Boresha Company! It may be your ideal fit.

There are thousands of Boresha consultants that earn money while supporting customers with health and wellness challenges.

The greatest problem that I see is being able to generate your own high quality MLM leads specifically for Boresha Company. I use the power of the world wide web and prefer to generate nearly all my MLM leads online.

I believe in owning and using the products that I sell. In the MLM Profession we call that, being a product of the product. You’re not going to have the most powerful product stories if your not actually using them. Facts Tell and Stories Sell! Own and use what you sell. Your personalized story is powerful.

That being said: I’m not a Boresha Distributor. I like Boresha Coffee and  Tea. However, I found it to be very expensive and the price seems to be going up!

I did some research and found SISEL Kaffe.

SISEL Kaffe prices are a lot less! YOU’VE Got To LOVE  THAT!

FOR EXAMPLE: One Tea from Boresha is over $2.00 and at SISEL Kaffe One Tea is only $1.00.

I believe SISEL Coffee and Tea to be vastly superior and arguable it is!

Boresha Company Review Conclusion

The Boresha Company is good and you have the potential to earn some money. However, if you don’t know how to market or who to market to, it’s not going to be easy.

People always point to the representatives in Boresha who make a large amount of money and it’s true that Boresha has network marketers earning big money. I was talking to a Master Distributor with Boresha while doing some research for this review and he was earning almost $500,000 a year.

The big earners are usually the distributors that have been involved in network marketing long enough to have learn the essential marketing and lead generation skills to sponsor new representatives and build successful organizations.

Anyone can learn these skills and implement them. New income records are being broken regularly in the Network marketing profession.

Many of these distributors have large MLM networks of people to draw from. I want you to know that you can build Boresha or any other company you choose including SISEL Kaffe the same way that I do and professional network marketers do from the comfort of their homes.

What you’re doing right now to grow your Network Marketing Business is working or it’s not! If Not?

Consider using the exact same educational platform that I do for my primary company because it works!

By beginning to market your Boresha Business The Right Way You’ll be able to stop chasing the people that you care about the most. There’s no reason to chase family,  friends and coworkers to build Boresha or any MLM!

You don’t want to belong to the NFL Club, do You? That’s the No Friends Left Club. All Kidding Aside…

I’ve used this exact platform for nearly 5 years from the comfort of my home in Beautiful Sunny Florida and YOU can too! The system will work for any business including Boresha.

Learn to get all of the Boresha Traffic, Leads and Recruits you want. Isn’t it time for you to get the Financial Success you desire? Isn’t that one of the reasons you’ve joined or are looking at joining the Boresha Company?

Take Advantage Of The FREE 10 Day AMF Bootcamp!

AMF Bootcamp

To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

(321) 205- 7865

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