Karatbars International Review

Karatbars International Review

Karatbars International Review

If you’re considering Karatbars International as smart way to earn gold and cash then you’ve definitely found the right Karatbars International review.

Perhaps you’re here because you’re considering becoming a Karatbars Affiliate or Customer?

Maybe you’ve already joined and want to make sure that you didn’t make a mistake.

I’ve been doing Karatbars International reviews for several years and mine are known to be thorough and truthful. 

I’m going to give you enough information about the Karatbars International Company, Leadership, Products and Compensation Plan so that you can make an informed decision.

I’ve taken a good look at several of the other Karatbars International Reviews and I was very disappointed in the lack of knowledge and details and felt compelled to write this review.

In my opinion the reviews were designed from the beginning to mislead the readers as people tend to believe what is in black and white.

I believe that if the authors actually did their due diligence and found out more about the secrets to Karatbars Internationals success and who is really involved they may have join as a Karatbars Affiliate.

It’s so obvious that they wanted to discredit the Karatbars International Company and products in an attempted to lead them to their own ventures.

Karatbars International Company

Karatbars International Team

Karatbars International Team

Karatbars International Company specializes in the sale of small 999.9 fine or 24 ct gold gold bars and founded in 2011. The purchase sizes for Karatbars are 1, 2.5 and 5 grams each.

Other items for sale include merchandise, collectibles and gift cards. The gift cards are in several categories that include country, collector, special and branding were you can create your own

design to promote your company, association  or to give as an individual gift to a special person.

Headquarters in Stuttgart Germany Karatbars International is responsible for the marketing, customer support and partner communication.

Next, orders are executed and delivered. Right now the Karatbars International is offered in 119 countries and shortly the total will be over 190.

The Karatbars International Company vision is to: “contribute to the financial security of each and in every country world-wide”.

Karatbars International Presentation {VIDEO}

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Karatbars Leadership

Karatbars Owner Harold Seiz

Karatbars Owner Harold Seiz

The Owner, Founder and Managing Director is Harold Seiz. Mr. Seiz has been self-sufficient in the financial services industry since the early 1980’s.

By the 1990’s Harold reached nearly sixty million in sales with one company.

By the end of 2008 Harold joined a precious metals business that operated in Germany only. Harold rose to number one in the entire company in seven short months.

Mr Seiz had a huge vision to make small units of gold available to everyone around the world.

He loved the idea of offering more certainty to all and that is exactly why he started Karatbars International.

Mr. Harold Seiz consistently thinks and acts at the highest level including aspiration, straightforwardness, fairness and honesty and that is why Harold Seiz able to guarantee so much with his name.

Amazing Karatbars Gold Products

Karatbars International Review

Karatbars International Review

GmbH Gold Karatbars are characterized by both easily recognized quality and highly skilled craftsmanship.

Karatbars works with gold refineries that are listed under the “London Good Delivery” only. 

Each gold bar has value and quality guaranteed.

Furthermore, Certificates are including with the 1, 2.5 and 5 gram bars and each bar is laminated with UV protective film. Valid trademark are stamped into each gold bar.

Gold bars guarantee value stability and may serve as a means of financial security. In tough economic times they may be used as a method of payment.

Strong financial and economic independence is important. Buying small one gram units of Karatbars bullion is smart. It’s smart to earn and save in gold! Secure your own future today.

Karatbars Country Cards

Karatbars Country Cards

Karatbars Country Cards

Karatbars International is selling gold in 119 countries around the world and for this reason, they will produce different country cards that are stable in value.

You can collect them or give as a present. The country editions are very popular and their uniqueness makes them a real nice gift.

Collector Cards of Karatbars

Karatbars International review

Karatbars International review

Collector’s have sough-after gold items for thousands of years. Therefore, worldwide gold in the form of collector cards is still very rare.

Karatbars wants to revolutionize the market over the next several months and produce limited editions to give people around the world an incentive to look at gold from a different angle.

Examples of upcoming editions for the future are country maps, events, event tickets and even famous people.

The benefits of Karatbars Cards included very limited quantities. Collectors covet Karatbars and I love that. Again, Karatbars have earned a track record of stable value.

Special Occasions Karatbars Cards

Karatbars International review

Karatbars Special Cards

For special occasions Karatbars International GmbH offers the possibility to give away a unique present for wedding, birthdays, Christmas or simply to say “I Love You”.

People can also design their own Karatbars Gold Card. With this great a product everyone can have the possibility to promote their own unique company, association or to give as an individual gift to a special person.

Karatbars Incentives 2016 NEW | Karatbars Cruise Car Cash Incentives


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Karatbars International Review Conclusion

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The Karatbars International company is unique. Therefore, you have the potential to earn money and collect gold too! It’s not going to be as easy as you’d like especially when you’re new and have not  learned how to market yet.

Karatbars International has affiliates earning a lot money and saving gold too. The truth is that anyone can learn the skills to build a wildly successful Karatbars business the exact same way that professional network marketers do. This is done worldwide.

You’ll never build a business chasing friends, family and coworkers and that should be music to your ears. I know that you don’t want to belong to the NFL Club! No Friends Left Club.

Today you can start building a successful Karatbars business the right way! You’ll be able to stop chasing the people that you care about the most.

Whatever company you decide to build you owe it to yourself to look at the exact educational platform that I’ve use for over 8 years. This system is fantastic to market around the world and it doesn’t matter where you live.

This system will work for any business you choose including Karatbars International. The educational platform is perfect is for the beginner and MLM professionals alike.

Most of all, you’ll learn to get all the best Karatbars traffic, leads and recruits you want. Isn’t time for you to fight for your Financial Success?

Isn’t that one of the reasons you’ve joined or you’re considering joining the Karatbars International?

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Thank you for reading my Karatbars International review and watching the videos!

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