Javita Review | Javita Coffee Review | Javita Scam Or Successful MLM?

Javita Coffee Company Review

Javita Review

Perhaps you’re looking to get in on the MLM Coffee Craze and a friend told you that Javita Coffee Company was a way that you’d get rich together.

After all, the number one reason a person joins an MLM is that a friend asked them to join.

Unless your friend is an network marketing expert this may be a huge mistake and a waste of time.

My Javita Coffee Review will include four key principles that I look at when deciding if I’d like to join any network marketing company including Javita and much, much more.

You’re going to learn about the Javita company leadership, products and compensation plan.

You’ve definitely found the right place Let’s begin with the  Javita Coffee Company, leadership.

Javita Coffee Company | Javita Coffee Review

The Javita Coffee Company is located in Boca Raton Florida and is the sister company to Waiora USA Inc. which is located in Boynton Beach Florida and sells MLM health And wellness products. Javita was incorporated in February 11, 2011 and launched later that year. Javita is a combination of two words.

Java, a term used for coffee and Vita, the Latin word for life. Therefore Javita means Coffee Life. Javita is under five years old and that makes it a high risk mlm company statistically considering north of ninety eight percent do not make it past the fifth year!

You may want to read my post about Why I Avoid All MLM Start Ups!

Network marketing is my chosen profession and I consider joining a start up too risky as there is a tremendous amount of front end work.

I do not want to lead people into any company that they will likely fail due to no fault of their own.

That does not make Javita a Scam. It simple makes Javita a greater risk then I’m will to accept for my up front efforts.

Javita Review | Javita Leadership

Leadership is always a key principle to look at when deciding to join any network marketing company and Javita is certainly no exception.

Have you heard the old adage that goes: “Show me who you’re following and I’ll show you where you’re going.” I believe in it’s truth and it’s much more then that.

When every you have a successful organization like a sports team, church or business there is always a strong leader at the helm. Stanley J. Cherelstein is the CEO of Javita Coffee company and has extensive management experience. Stanley has been the Chief Operating Officer of  Unicity, Inc. that sells nutritional supplements.

He has also severed as Chief Operating Officer of Unicity where he was in charge information technology, customer service and finance globally. Prior to that Mr. Cherelstein was the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations for Rexall Showcase International, a division of Rexall Sundown another nutritional supplement company that operated in the USA and other countries.

While I was doing my research I did come across a lawsuit against Mr. Cherelstein other company Waiora for false labeling of  products sold by Waiora. You’re welcome to view the lawsuit here.

This particular lawsuit would not stop me from joining Javita because Mr. Cherelstein MLM management experience is impressive and there’s probable a number of extenuating circumstances surrounding the lawsuit.

Javita Coffee Review| Javita Coffee Products

Javita Coffee Products

Javita Coffee Products

Javita coffee products use both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica are considered to be the best beans in the world and off course there are different grades of beans.

I only drink Arabica and I believe in being a product of the product so I would not be able to drink or sell Javita coffee.

However, lets take a look at two of Javitas coffee’s the first being the Burn Plus Control. Javitas Burn Plus Control is a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are infused with herbs.

The first herb is Yerba Mate and it’s stimulant containing caffeine with other nutrients that include antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

The Yerba Mate is added to assist in controlling your metabolic rate and hopefully helping you to use carbohydrates a little more efficiently.

The second Javita Coffee is the Javita Energy Plus Mind and is also a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are infused with herbs.

The herbs are Bacopa which lends big support for memory and Kotu Kola has been known to have a mild tranquilizing effect that actually lowers stress levels.

Kotu Kola may also  improve mental functions and help with concentration and memory.

Javita Review | Javita Compensation

Javita Compensation Plan

Javita Compensation

Javita basically has three options to get started. You can become a distributor for Javita at three levels. There is the $99.00 , $599.00 option and $999.00 option. The major differences being that at the $599 level you receive more product, and are eligible for the $500,000 Rank Advancement and 50% Match Bonuses.

Both distributor kits come with all the resources and marketing tools you need to start your business. I don’t believe in buying a lot of coffee so that you can get paid more. I think of that as buy a lot and let it rot. Remember that if you enjoy, share, sample, sell the coffee you’ve purchase that you can always buy more.

You should be able to earn your way to the top without buying a lot and letting it rot. Javita has established a training platform called Javanomics that will provide detailed training and support, including marketing strategies, personal development and team building tips to maximize success and help the company achieve their vision.

Javita Coffee Review conclusion

Javita coffee company is certainly not a scam. Javita has some really interesting coffees and with the healthy infusions you’d probable be better off drinking Javita coffee over the typical coffee that you’d buy from your local retailer.

The number one problem that Javita distributors have is exactly what  most network marketers struggle with and that’s getting enough  leads to grow a successful business.

The best leads you could ever have are the ones that you generate on your own.

The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this successfully and talking with family, friends and co workers get’s old really fast. It takes some serious metal toughness to deal with all that negativity.

Javita Coffee MLM Lead Generation

MLM Coffee Lead Generation

MLM Coffee Lead Generation

Once I learned to generate all the leads I could ever then friends and family and co workers started coming to me.

I’ve used the same education platform for for over six years because it works and everything about it continually improves.

If you’re serious about your MLM success then you can learn more here. I’ve written reviews on many MLM coffee companies.

I believe that coffee is the best MLM product today and that MLM weight loss coffee is arguable the best MLM product that has ever been and perhaps that ever will be.

After many MLM coffee reviews and more then two decades in the MLM profession I made a decision to join SISEL Kaffe for vastly superior Leadership, products and compensation.

Before you join an MLM coffee company you owe it to yourself  to make an informed decision and remember to work with an MLM team that will assist you in reaching your goals and aspirations.

“Continue The Journey And Your Success Is Certain!”

To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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Weight Loss Coffee | Is Weight Loss Coffee A Myth Or Miracle?



You’re most likely here because you want to know the truth behind the weight loss coffee claims that seem to be popping up all over internet land.

You’ve definitely found the right place because I’m going to separate the myths from the miracles.

After all coffee is the most consumed beverage next to water in the world and the second largest commodity traded only second to oil.

Think about it! If you could simply replace your morning cups of coffee with a miracle fat buster wouldn’t you?

I believe that most people would and Big Fat Cat Coffee Companies are counting on it.

Therefore, I’m going to give you the actual ingredients that have been  proven by science to assist in fat loss and some others not so much.

Fat Burning Weight Loss Coffee Ingredients!

Weight Loss Coffee Profits

Weight Loss Coffee Profits

Weight loss coffee’s usually have only one or two ingredients that may assist in weight loss and I couldn’t believe it when I came across two companies that actually had none.

They want you to swallow a pill along with your coffee to get results. That’s not weight loss coffee in my book! That’s just silly!

Here’s a list of Ten Ingredients that some weight loss coffee companies choose from to infuse their coffees:

1. Sinetrol Mediterannean Diet Extracts – It’s added to thermally burn fat faster and studies have show 5-6 lbs of steady weight loss per month.

2. Evodiamine – This is a thermogenic fat burning sensation with such intensity a rise in body temperature can be felt. It also blocks fat uptake in fat cells.

3.  Pterostilbene Crystal Caffeine  – This complexed molecule releases up to eight hours of substantial, sustainable energy. You be  like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going… instead of the short two  hour buzz caffeine gives. We all know that buzz is followed by a dramatic energy crash. It’s not that great for your bodies biology either.

4. Chromium Polynicotinate  – for insulin receptor stimulation for fat usage by lean muscle mass taking in fat for energy creation and fat loss.

5. Yerba Mate Extract – Gives you cardiovascular energy and increases fat burning energy.

6. EGCG’s from Green Tea – They increase your fat burning metabolism, cellular uptake of fat, inhibiting digestion of carbohydrates and reducing your appetite.

7. Guarana –  Increases energy metabolism and synergistically interact with Sinetrol to accelerate the Mediterranean diet fat burning power.

8. Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid extract – Increases the fat usage metabolism and suppresses fat storage.

9. Garcinia Cambogia extract – May curb appetite, suppress fat storage, increase energy and interferes with fat storage enzyme production.

10.  Raspberry Ketone extract – Know to suppress the appetite while utilizing glucose to increase fat burning and energy release, breakdown & destruction of fats, speed up metabolism, protect against fat build up especially in the liver. Smart Ingredient to infuse into weight loss coffee.

Does Weight Loss Coffee Really Work?

SISEL Kaffe Weight Loss Coffee

SISEL Kaffe Weight Loss Coffee

Great News! Yes, you can actually replace your current coffee with weight loss coffee and lose fat with out diet and exercise.

However, many of the big fat Coffee Companies formulas and systems only have one or two ingredients and in some cases none.

That’s the reason that results vary from great to horrific.

Remember two of the companies that I’ve found want you to take a pill with their so called weight loss coffee.

That’s not weight loss coffee! That’s just coffee!

The point is that some of these coffees do assist with weight loss and some are just coffee.

Amazingly, I found One Coffee Company that has taken taken a spectacularly different approach. They actually use all ten ingredients in a synergistic blend of what may seem to work like a fat burning miracle. The science certainly backs up the ingredients.

You’d probable think that this is the most expensive coffee considering it’s potential to burn the fat and even block fat from attaching to your body with little effort. Imagine a coffee that you can feel working.

Expensive? Not At All!  SISEL Kaffe is the least expensive and contains all ten weight loss ingredients!

Drink Weight Loss Coffee And Make Money?



With so many coffee lovers around the world and the world being the heaviest it’s ever been, opportunities abound for those who want to benefit from the lucrative coffee industry.

Sisel KAFFÉ makes it easy to tap into the coffee market by letting you start your own distribution business sharing the best weight loss coffee and the best-tasting ‘healthy’ coffee with your friends and family.

You can start your own business and as you share Sisel KAFFÉ and build your distributor team, you will earn a residual income to potentially replace your current pay check.

Take this opportunity, share Sisel KAFFÉ with others and build a supplemental income you’ve always dreamed of and always drink SISEL Kaffe Healthy Coffee!

You may have questions about SISEL Kaffe’s Weight Loss Coffee and I’d be happy to assist you in getting your questions answered.

Isn’t Time For You To Start Cashing In On The Weight Loss Coffee Pie?

Contact Me and See Why People Just Like YOU All Ready Are!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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