SISEL International Review

SISEL International Review

Hello and welcome to a trustworthy SISEL International review. I’m Jeffrey Kistner and many already known me as The Network Marketer With Integrity Plus.

Unfortunately there are many marketers claiming to write honest MLM Company Reviews and they are not. Most of them know very little about SISEL or the network marketing profession.

What they are trying to do is lure you to an affiliate program of some type so that they can get paid.

I’ve been network marketing for over twenty years. I’m not a secret SISEL MLM Distributor. I’m a proud SISEL Partner who trains our team and I’ve chosen SISEL International as my Final MLM Build. My MLM Masterpiece.

I’m sure you’ll know why I’ve chosen SISEL as you read and watch the quick videos throughout this SISEL review.

Perhaps you’ll choose SISEL too and it’s my hope that you do!

Right now, I’m going to give you an honest and up to date review that covers SISEL’s founder Tom Mower, SISEL Distributors, SISEL Products, Sisel Manufacturing and our Revolutionary SISEL Compensation Plan.

 Tom Mower of SISEL International

Tom Mower Sisel Founder

Tom Mower Sisel Founder

The Tom Mower SISEL SUCCESS STORY is Unbelievable and yet Tom Mower is just getting started.

Do you know the old adage: “Show Me Who You’re Following And I’ll Show You Where You Are Going!”  Tom Mower is the man to follow to have massive success in business.

When Tom Mower got Married he had One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to his name and he spent that on the honey moon. In the 1980’s Tom built his former MLM Company to One Billion Dollars (1,000,0000,0000.00) and assisted over one thousand people become millionaires around the world.

Most people would have retired! Not Tom Mower!

Tom and the Mower family have a mission to create health, wealth, and happiness for SISEL’s distributors and consumers throughout the world, by providing life-giving products and success-oriented opportunities.

Tom Mower invested One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000.00) of his own money to open the Largest Network Marketing Manufacturing facility of it’s kind in the world before the first distributor kit was sold.

I doubt that there’s another MLM founder that’s committed to assisting you in achieving your goals and aspirations as Tom Mower.

Sisel International is a family owned and operated business that’s set up in a dynasty trust.

Therefore, SISEL can never be bought or sold. SISEL must remain SISEL make it or break it and it sure is making it!

SISEL is poised to be the number one network marketing company in the world and there’s no stopping it!

SISEL Manufacturing Facility Tour

By Tom Mower


 The SISEL International Company

In 2006 a successful business man Tom Mower, Sr. launched SISEL International.

This massive MLM company creates and distributes coffee, health, anti-aging and weight loss products, and today Sisel International continues to grow fast and internationally!

Sisel boasts an impressive 440,000 square foot manufacturing facility that, with a team of some of the brightest minds in health science, produces quality products that not only are in demand, but are superior in quality.

That coupled with an impressive compensation plan for distributors, has created a business opportunity that will not slow down anytime soon.

SISEL International was named the number one home based business in the world by “The Obtainer” the largest Network Marketing Magazine in the world and that’s before the launch of SISEL Kaffe.

By Joining SISEL as a customer or as a SISEL Partner what other MLM companies call distributors you are in the making of network marketing history.

SISEL International Products

SISEL International Products

SISEL International Products

SISEL International Products are vastly superior because we manufactured them to be that way.

SISEL manufactures more than 200 products and counting. The most profitable MLM Product for MLM Companies and the distributors that represent them are the Health and wellness products.

More specifically the weight loss sector of Health and Wellness. The number two MLM product is Coffee.

By now it should not shock you that SISEL is in both the number one and number two Categories for MLM products and many more including but not limited to Aromatherapy, Age reversal, Bath, body,  Skin Care, Dietary Supplements, Dental care, Personal care, Home care, Gel Nail Systems, Makeup, and even a natural thermogenic, low-glycenic, fat-burning, energizing tea!

SISEL Weight Loss Support Coffee

SISEL Weight Loss Support Coffee

Perhaps SISEL created and manufactures the most successful MLM product of all time.

SISEL arguable has by combining the two most profitable sectors of the MLM profession which are weight loss and coffee.

SISEL has created the best tasting Weight Loss Coffee that the world has ever know and there’s no close second.

SISEL’s weight loss coffee is infused with 10 weight loss support  ingredients. Look at the image to your left and you can read them and yes this coffee tastes GREAT!

Tom Mower On SISEL Kaffe Coffee

SISEL Kaffe Coffee

SISEL Weight Loss Coffee

Everyone knows someone that drinks coffee. Everyone knows someone that is trying to maintain or lose weight.Perhaps Intimately? Demand is the key to any successful business and Sisel International seems to have cornered the market with this one product alone!



There’s even SISEL Tea that is flavored like Peach Mango.

The SISEL Kaffe TE appropriately called FIRE n ICE!

This is a natural thermogenic, low-glycenic, fat-burning, energizing tea!

Formulated by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen who is a leading researcher of thermogenics.

This delicious iced tea is specially designed to help you maintain a healthy body weight while provoking an increased metabolic rate. SISEL TE’ enables your body to go from Fat-Storing to Fat-Burning!

With SISEL’s massive buying power this specialized tea is only $1.00.

That’s right! They’re only a Buck each!

Fire n Ice Te’can be purchased in boxes of 50 right here.

Sisel International Compensation Plan

SISEL Compensation PlanCreate a company with superior products, combine that with a compensation plan that is generous and you will have no problem attracting ambitious people that want to get involved.

Sisel offers many incentives like a fast start bonus that pay daily and 10 levels in depth.

A dynamically compressed direct commission uni-level payout system with no downline requirements that make it easy to be qualified for higher commissions.

Uni-level Compensation Plans are widely considered to be the most fair to the MLM Companies and the distributors that represent them.

There are also the Master Check Matches and Global Pool Incentives that put more money is Sisel International Distributors pockets.

We even have a luxury Auto Bonus! Have you ever heard that if it sounds to good to be true it probable isn’t?

I like to say that if a MLM Compensation plan sounds to good to be true that it’s probable SISEL’s Revolutionary Compensation Plan.

It’s important to keep in mind that we can pay what we do because Sisel saves about 400% on tradition manufacturing costs.

This savings allows SISEL to control the process end to end including adding more ingredients into the products and having a very high paying, vastly superior compensation plan.

Here’s 6 Major Ways SISEL Compensation Pays:

1. Fast Start Bonuses that are paid daily! (7 Days including holidays)

2. Direct Distributor commissions! (56% Through 10 Levels)

3. Master Check Matches! (Paid Four Generations)

4. Global Bonus Pools! (Fast Start and Global Bonus Pools)

5. Luxury Car Bonus! ( Up to $1,500.00 Each Month)

6. Incentive Trips! (Inclusive And Exclusive Vacations)

 Sisel International Distributors

Sisel International is a solid company with longevity. The products are superior, as well as professionally packaged. The marketing materials for distributors are effective.

The company makes it very easy to earn! If you are looking for an MLM opportunity to expand your horizons and provide more for yourself and your family.

Sisel International is an MLM Company that was built to last!

YOU should seriously consider JOINING SISEL! This is the first company that I’ve joined that people simply stay.

They make SISEL International and SISEL Kaffe their final MLM Home just as I have.

There’s simply no I gotchas at SISEL. You’re going to be paid well for your efforts.

SISEL International Conclusion

SISEL Luxury Car Bonus

SISEL Luxury Car Bonus

By now you know that SISEL International Started out Massive!

SISEL did not start out small like most companies and hope to grow.

SISEL’s Growth has been explosive and it’s being driven like a raging fire with all the resources, innovation, experience and momentum that you’d expect from Billionaire and Founder Tom Mower.

Thank you for reading and watching the videos that I’ve place through out this review. If you’re serious about making changes in your life I want to encourage you to learn even more about SISEL International by Clicking Here!

I’m not one to hide behind the computer and that’s why I’ve included my phone number.

I want to discuss the possibilities with you so that you’ll know your working with a real person who’s sincere about helping you get the success you deserve.

“Continue The Journey And Your Success Is Assured!”

~ Jeffrey Kistner ~

To Your Network Marketing Success!

Jeffrey Kistner 

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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